( The Midvale Cottage Post ) 1930's Fashion 

 Floral prints became popular in the 1920's - 1930's. This beautiful dainty print expanded in the 19th century in the west and is in season this summer of 2021. It's a print that will not ever go out of style.

Fabrics that were used in the 1920's - 1930's :

  • Cotton - " is a seed fiber grown as a protective case around the seed of the cotton plant. Known to be the most popular fiber in the world. "- Textilepedia 
  • Rayon - " blends well with other fibers to create fabrics that feel soft and silky." - Textilepedia 
  • Silk -  " Textile-used silk was often obtained from moth caterpillars. Long considered a luxury fiber, it is sometimes referred to as the "queen of fabrics". " - Textilepedia 

Quick Fact :

Beauties wearing flowers” by Tang dynasty painter Zhou Fang

Floral designs on garments originated during the Tang Dynasty period AD 618-907. Merchants from the east traveled to the west to sell luxurious silk with floral print and made large profits, which lead for this magnificent textile to become popular in the 19th century. 

What Does Floral Print Symbolize ?

 It symbolizes freshness, beauty and elegance. 


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