Feminine Hairstyles To Wear With Your Vintage Outfit

 If you're looking to change up your hairstyle this season, view these 6 feminine hairstyles I selected for short and long hair. All you'll need is: 

  • Curling iron, or rollers 
  • Heat protectant 
  • Hair Spray 
  • Comb 
  • Your favorite hair accessory

1. Hair Tie Scarf 

Wearing Floral Hair Tie Scarf from Chic & Vintage

Chic & Vintage ( Floriza Hair Tie Scarf $12 )

 Hair tie scarf's are my favorite, it pulls a look together adding a feminine touch to your outfit. It turns heads every where you go because of it's uniqueness. This is a hair accessory every female needs. 

  • Create curlers with curling iron, or rollers. 
  • Do a half section. 
  • Secure upper half section with the Floriza Hair Tie Scarf. 
  • You're all done!  


2. Lose Curls with Sides Of Hair Pulled Back

Vintage hair styles

   An easy way to achieve this vintage hair style is to use large hair rollers for long hair and for short hair I would use a 1 inch curling iron. Make sure to use a heat protectant spray when using hot tools. Next step, part your hair to the side and twist it on both sides. To prevent the front twist from getting lose, we want to secure the twist with your pretty hair pins.  


3. Ribbons 

Hair styles to wear with your vintage outfit
Fresh & Flushed By J Mikel Sacher 
 Ribbons make any hairstyle look feminine and romantic. A cute braided bun that may be worn to go on a quick mission to the grocery store, or to go on a date. 
How to create the braid bun: 
  • Have Hair in a ponytail, low or high. 
  • Split hair and create to 2 braids. 
  • Secure both braids with elastic.
  • Wrap left braid of the elastic that is hold your ponytail. 
  • Secure with bobby pin 
  • Wrap right braid in the same direction as the left braid. 
  • Secure with bobby pin.
  • For the final touch add a pretty ribbon like a hairband. 

"Oh the joy she feels in the Autumn morning, she knows its the perfect time to add braids and ribbons to her hair."- Maria Lippincott 

4. The Half-Up Bouffant

Brigitte Bardot 1960s

 Brigitte Bardot 1960's 

 This 1960's hairstyle is perfect for the cold weather and most of all, it's charming. The Half-Up Bouffant is the best moment to show off your curtain bangs! 

How to create the half- up bouffant hair style: 

  • Create a middle parting in center of your hair.
  • Do another section in front of the hair to create a fringe, or bangs.
  • Clip hair away from fringe.
  • Gently tease the fringe to create volume.
  • Secure fringe on both sides 
  • Release hair, that you've secured previously. 
  • Create a half- up section
  • Tease hair on the back your head located in the crown area.
  • Gather the puff and comb the top.
  • Secure the puff to your liking. 
  • Optional, create lose curls with curling wand.
  • Comb them through, once you've curled the lower section of hair.  


5. Scarf Braid 

Braid with printed scarf
It is amazing how many way you can use a scarf. You can wear them around your neck, use as a top, or wear as a hair accessory.  
How to create the scarf braid: 
  • Choose a scarf and fold it in half 
  • Create a section of hair at the crown on your head. 
  • Secure with elastic mid-way of hair. 
  • Grab scarf and wrap around elastic.
  • Create a section the lower left of hair. 
  • Do another section to the lower right of hair. 
  • You'll have 3 section with the scarf and the 2 lower sides. 
  • Braid down and make sure scarf is braided loose and not tight. 
  • Secure with the end with elastic, once finished. 

6. Headbands 

Francoise Dorleac wearing a Head band
Francoise Dorleac
If you're in a rush and do not like your hair in your face, pick out a pretty headband. Many old Hollywood actress' loved wearing headbands. It's been seen on Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly and Veronica Lake.
How to easily wear a headband: 
  • Pull hair back. 
  • Put on your headband. 
  • Vwa-Lah, you have your easy effortless hairstyle! 

These 6 feminine hairstyles will go with beautiful vintage inspired outfits and modern clothing. I'd love to hear if you've tried one of these 6 hairstyles. We'd love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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