Women cleaning her garments in 1952
  • Before hand washing, make sure to read the label attached to your item first.
  • Hand wash garment with gentle detergent.
  • Use cold water when washing garment.
  • You may wash on delicate cycle, but it's preferred to hand wash.  
  • Do gentle hand motions when washing your item.
  • Line dry clothing under shade after hand washing. Must keep away from direct sunlight or garment will will bleach.   
  • Avoid using the drying machine so your garment can last forever. 
  • After your item has dried, hang to prevent wrinkles. 

    Try to wear garment as many times as possible. Frequently washing clothing will decrease the lifespan. 


    How To Hang Dry Certain Clothes.

    "If you love the view of dreamy garments being blown by the wind on a sunny day, this is for you."

    • Make sure clothing is hung separate from each other. Doing it this way will keep your items smelling fresh.
    • If you are hanging clothing indoors keep it near circulated air. I like to hang mine near the dehumidifier, it speeds up the process.
    • For tops and blouses, pants hang upside down. Make sure to add pins to hold your garment.
    • Dresses- Hang dresses from the shoulders if straight. 
    • Skirts -  Hang skirt by the waist band and add a pin to each end. 
    • Pin Socks by the toes.
    • Avoid using hangers, if garment is stretchy, or delicate. As alternative lay garment on a flat surface, to keep it's shape.

    Fun Fact from Richard: 

    In the 18th Century, Laundress' would lay white garments flat on grass on a sunny day. The grass would bleach the item on one side and the sun would bleach the side facing up. 

    Richard (my husband) is the photographer, editor & history dictionary.

    The Positives Of Hand Washing & Hang Drying Clothes. 

    • Reduces electricity use. 
    • Electric bill will be reduced. 
    • Garments will have a longer life span. Washer & dryer machine are harsh on clothing. The temperature of dryer machines ruin the fibers and detailing of the fabric. 
    • There is more of a chance the stain is removed because you are most likely to see it. 

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