The history of beauty Marks 

Beauty marks and freckles are beautiful. It's what makes you unique from everyone else. No need to cover the beauty that we were given at birth. 


Every single era had a different perspective on beauty marks. Below are some periods I found interesting.

The Dark Ages of the Beauty Mark

 In 500AD - 1000AD if you had a birth mark, or acne you would be accused of being a witch. In other words, possessed by the devil. In this case you had to face capital punishment. This makes me glad history has changed over time.

AD - Anno Domini, the year of our lord.


Europe and Renaissance Era


 Having a white powered face was the trend for the Europeans. It was their way of being glamourous and it signified they came from high class. Using egg and vinegar was a safe form of powdering their face and there was also, a toxic way, which was adding lead into their bleaching mixture. Now this is where the drawing of beauty marks came in. They drew dots on their face to cover their blemishes. The French called black dots mouches or, flies because it looked like them.

16th Century 

In the 16th century people began to add beauty patches of different shapes to their face. They believed the patches would contrast the features of their face, like eyes, lips, etc. Others used it to cover scars and blemishes as well. 


The Jazz Age (1920's) - Present 

 This was the time when Hollywood stars embraced their beauty spots and it influenced others to love what they have. Beauty marks were seen on stars like Jean Harlow, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Clara Bow and more. Today we're more accepting with uniqueness and it makes me happily content.

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