"Are You Wondering What Vintage Trends Have Stood the Test of Time, and that are Resurfacing this Fall of 2021?"

1. Trench Coats 

Women wearing vintage trench coat
"1940s fashion illustration: Coats"
The trench is an everyday piece that everyone needs and it adds sophistication to any outfit. If your in a rush, a trench coat is the one item you can just grab and go, it's perfect for fall / winter. 

2. Silk Scarves 

Women wearing silk Scarf 1950's.
"The 1950s-1954 Point de vue magazine"
 A silk scarf ties your whole outfit together. You may tie it around your neck, add it over your head and even wear it as a hair hand. It is thanks to the Tik Tok trend " Baby Please Don't Go" that has this vintage trend coming back. 

3. Floral Print Dresses 

Vintage Floral dress pattern on Chic & Vintage Blog
Women in the 1940's wearing floral dress
"Street style in New York 1940s"
 Floral prints are IN this Fall. There is no such thing as having too many floral dresses. For Autumn and Winter, I would go with a earthy colored dainty floral dress. This beautiful print symbolizes freshness, beauty and elegance. 

4. Slip Dresses 

1930's slip dresses pattern on Chic & Vintage
"1930s FABULOUS Bias Cut Slip Pattern Butterick 5308 Slinky Authentic Thirties Slip In Two Styles"


Previously slip dresses were a garment used underneath dresses. But now, in the 21st Century it's a dress that may be worn multiple ways including but not limited too lounge wear or special occasions. 

Outfit Idea for the modern girl: 

  • Wear a loose knit sweater over a slip dress.
  • Add a blazer over your slip dress for a chic - classy look.
  • If you're going for a more causal look, I would pair a slip dress with loafers. 


5. Knit Vest 

Women's 1940's Knit Vest "Sports Pullover with Socks to Match Stitchcraft July 1941 Rainbow Jumper by Lavenda (c.1930s)"


Pull-over vest sweater's will be taking over Fall of 2021. For a vintage and sophisticated look I would select a classic fitted style vest and pair it with a mid length skirt. However, if you're going for a modern style, I would wear the pullover vest with slim boot cut jeans with heeled leather boots for the finishing touch. The vest shown above, is unique and a staple item within any wardrobe. 

6. Plaid Skirts 

Vintage illustration of women wearing skirt
 "Vintage 1950s Women's PENDLETON Turnabout Wool"
  Belted skirts and plaid skirts, that's right! It's a classic item to have in your wardrobe. Perfect for office wear and even for romantic dates.  If your looking for a certain type of skirt silhouette, I would search A - line skirt, pencil skirt, or a high waisted skirt. 

7. Berets

1920 woman wearing red beret
Myrna Loy in a beret and suede gloves, 1932

"Myrna Loy n a beret and suede gloves, 1932"


  Berets come in many different styles and colors. This is a vintage fashion trend which has stuck around and always will, they truly are timeless. It matches anything you wear, depending on what color palette you select and I always believe you can't have too many Berets.

History Fact of Berets: 

  1. Berets originated in France and Spain. 
  2. Berets were worn as sportswear for men and women in the 1920's.

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